"The Tarpon are Biting"
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Fishing Charters

Most of my site is dedicated to the Tarpon because for almost 6 months the Tarpon is present in fishable numbers. I believe that Tarpon is the most worthy quarry to pursue and I seek it for my anglers to the exclusion of other species when possible. Later in this season and into the fall/winter when Tarpon become scarce my clients fish for a number of worthy inshore species on fly. These species include Redfish, Snook, Sea Trout Mackerel, etc… Tampa Bay is a diverse ecosystem and there are always fish to be caught. In addition to fishing there is a great deal of marine and bird life to enjoy as part of the experience. A non-fishing companion can always settle in with a camera and “catch” some beautiful images.

I fish the Lower Tampa Bay area and spend a great deal of time in the Fort Desoto and Anna Maria area along with the Little Manatee River where some of the best habitat and fishing can be found. In addition, this area has some great restaurants and places to stay. Charters include ice, drinks, snacks, sunblock, and a box lunch. There are also some local restaurants that can be visited for a shore lunch if a mid-day break is desirable. My guarantee applies only to Tarpon fishing since I am convinced that my techniques will give the angler a superior experience and allow them to reach one of the most difficult goals in fly fishing. Realistically, angling for the other species in the bay is a far easier task and will always result in some measure of success with the myriad of species available. In any case the knowledge an angler gains by chartering “Secret Squirrel Fly Fishing” will allow them to become a better angler.

Fly fishing charters are a different type of fishing than most people have experience with. If you have never been fly fishing or have been wanting to improve your skills I welcome the opportunity to help you develop your abilities. If you are new to the area or on vacation prepare yourself for one of the most special experiences in the fishing world! Having fished all over the state I can say with authority that this area offers the best Tarpon fishing on fly and some of the best fishing for other species.

This unique experience takes place on my excellent Hells Bay Marquesa flats skiff. Hells Bay skiffs are world renown for their quality and fitness for purpose. There are few peers in this segment of the market. I am an official sponsored Hells Bay guide which means that I am among the elite in the sport. This vessel drafts only inches allowing us to slip silently into the shallows for hard fighting flats species and also sits silently on the Tarpon flats along the beach. To get to the area where we fish I push the vessel with a pole to utilize the zero hull slap stealth technology of the vessel to catch our prey unaware. My vessel can safely hold 3 passengers, but limiting that to 2 passengers increases the comfort level and chances of catching fish. If you have any questions feel free to call or email, I look forward to making your day on the water a special

Charter Rate

Daytime tarpon charter 8+hr: $600 Includes lunch, beverages, snacks, and money back guarantee

Half day 4 hours: $350

Full day assorted species 8 hours $450

Night time 7 hours: $500


Tarpon’s House

The Tarpon’s House is made up of many shades of translucent green stretching out to the horizon. The stage will be set on the beaches near the Tampa bay area. The clarity of the water will astound you and cleanse your soul. This is something to be felt not simply experienced.

Spotted Eagle

Spotted Eagle rays glide by as if suspended in air. Manatees pass just off the beach close enough that you can hear them breath as they journey. A fish hawk swoops down to take an unwary mullet. Dolphins distract you as you scan for your target.

Suddenly Tarpon

Suddenly Tarpon appear out of nowhere ghosting from an emerald green ribbon scoured by tidal action just off the beach. These ribbons form highways as Megalops atlanticus navigates shoreward from the deep. Tarpon missiles home in on the skiff from several hundred yards away as your pulse quickens and a lump forms in your throat.

There is simply no better place in the world to do this than the gulf beaches. Come with me on a trip into angling adventure and we’ll pit our skills against the cunning of the Silver King.


I use the finest equipment from the top manufactures. Some of these manufactures are sponsors and others are not. I simply do not use equipment because I get it for a discount or free. I also do not list all my sponsors here as I change things that I use as better items become available. The tackle I use is the top of the line from each manufacturer and maintained in excellent condition.

The Boat

I currently use a 2012 Hell's Bay Marquesa skiff which is typical of the modern breed of technical poling skiffs. This skiff allows me to chase down tarpon and also present a very small footprint and no hull slap which might frighten wary tarpon. I have had fish attack a fly right along side of this small skiff barely noticing it. The skiff is equipped with a trolling motor and push pole for stalking the Silver King. The vessel is of course outfitted with all appropriate safety gear and is in very seaworthy.


My guarantee is I will enable you to actually get a Tarpon to bite your fly or I will refund $100 of the cost of the charter. I will also guarantee that you will be able to get shots at Tarpon or the trip is completely free. That means that if we sit out there and the Tarpon do not show up then you owe nothing. That’s right there is no small print, I am so convinced that I can make you a better angler and that I can guide you to a successful conclusion that I am willing to risk some of my fee. All I ask is that you bring a good attitude and see me for your free casting lesson before the trip.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation policy is designed to prevent me from having to prepare for a trip that never materializes. I offer an extremely generous policy since I do not want this policy to be an impediment to booking a trip. In the event that you cancel the trip as long as you give me notice 24 hours in advance you will receive a full refund or credit toward another booking. If less than 24 hours notice is given your deposit will be forfeited in full. If I cancel the trip due to poor weather or other unforeseen situation then your money of course will be promptly refunded in full. The deposit can of course be credited towards another trip.


Contact Information

Captain Barkley Daniel
P.O. Box 1296
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785

Phone: (727)-743-3763